Doctor Who scarves

Two Doctor Who Season 12 crocheted scarves are completed. Here is a pic of them before tails were sewn in and fringe/tassels added.

658 rows per scarf for a total of 1316 rows.
23030 stitches (35 per row) for each scarf for a total of 46060 stitches.
53 stripes of color per scarf for a total of 106 stripes done.

Just as a matter of curiosity I timed myself working a row and it took about 90 seconds. So 987 minutes per scarf or 1974 minutes for both. That is 16.45 hours per scarf or almost 33 hours of work for both scarves (if worked continuously and if I did my math correctly). So if you wanted to make one of these and you had only say a weekend to make it, you could do it if you worked really hard at it. 🙂

Remember you have to sew all those tails in and add the fringe too. The fringe will straighten that curly section. Let’s say add 3 hours for that. I don’t know how long it took. (BTW, there were in the area of 100 tails on EACH scarf!) I watched several episodes of Smallville while I took care of those things. 😉

Let’s estimate then that it took about 20 hours per scarf or 40 hours for two.

If one were to purchase one of these scarves at the minimum hourly wage ($7.25) it would cost $145 per scarf or $290 for two scarves, not counting materials. 

Material cost was $20.83 for yarn plus shipping/handling for one scarf. Let’s conservatively say that shipping was about 6. So materials and labor would amount to approximately $172 for one scarf and $317 for two.

To summarize – for one scarf, about 8″ wide – 20 hours @ $7.25 plus $27 for materials = $172.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because people balk at paying over $200 for a custom made Doctor Who scarf, not to mention prices for other handmade items. By breaking it down, you can see that you are not getting fleeced. This is actually what it costs to make these items.

I might also mention that this scarf is a bit more than half the width of the actual 4th Doctor scarf so these figures are conservative if you were to hire out a screen accurate scarf. I also did not use the more expensive wool, but rather used a medium priced acrylic yarn.

Both scarves are exactly the same in color. 

Yarn used was:
Stylecraft Special DK Burgundy
Stylecraft Special DK Camel
Sirdar Hayfield Bonus DK Pumpkin
Stylecraft Special DK Copper
Knit Picks Brava Sport Cobblestone Heather
Stylecraft Special DK Khaki
Knit Picks Brava Sport Brindle

If you are working a scarf all these colors are good but I would suggest replacing Cobblestone Heather with Stylecraft Special DK Graphite. The heather works but the original was not heathered.

Each scarf used 1 skein of the above colors for the body. Fringe uses quite a bit of yarn, but I was able to do 9 “tassels” on each end with the leftover from the two scarves. The original scarf had 12 but it was also wider.

I used a G hook and single crochet throughout, starting with a chain of 36. The finished width is about 8″. (Original scarf was more in the 10-12″ range and knitted). As always with yarn, even with the same manufacturer the thickness is not exactly the same which makes them work up slightly different.

Gauge is approx. 5 sc rows in 1″.

The first two stripes of the first scarf were worked February 21. Then I had to wait for yarn. I really consider them begun February 28. They were completed as in picture 1 (with tails dangling) on Thursday, 3-12-2015 with fringe attached last night (March 15, 2015). That said, it really took 2 weeks working my little fingers steadily each day. That’s pretty quick! I amazed even myself, but I did want to get these out quickly and I like having a goal in mind when I’m working.

Both scarves in my hall

Measurement was 11’5″ relaxed, 11’7″ stretched

Laid out on sofa


I’m pretty happy with the way these two turned out. Next up, I’m going to use the rest of my yarn to make a double crochet Season 14 version. After that, I hope to make a Season 15 – which I’ve never done – probably using Vanna’s Choice yarn since it’s readily available, but we’ll see how it goes.

Happy crocheting!

crochet mysteries

I just finished reading the 9th book in Betty Hechtman’s crochet mystery series. I read it in two days. I always read her books quickly as they are so well written and interesting. If you enjoy crochet (and you must if you’re here!) and you enjoy mysteries, you will certainly enjoy these books.

Here is a list of the books in the Crochet Mystery series:

Book 1: Hooked on Murder
Book 2: Dead Men Don’t Crochet
Book 3: By Hook or by Crook
Book 4: A Stitch in Crime
Book 5: You Better Knot Die
Book 6: Behind the Seams
Book 7: If Hooks Could Kill
Book 8: For Better or Worsted
Book 9: Knot Guilty

Be forewarned. Although the books can be read out of order, you will find it much more enjoyable to read them in order as the personal journey of our heroine sometimes ends in a cliffhanger. I can’t wait for Book #10.

(I was not asked to write a review of this book. I just chose to include it as I enjoy these so much.)

Each book also contains at least one, and usually more than one, pattern.You can see a sample and find out which book they are in here. In Knot Guilty, which is fresh in my mind since I finished it moments ago, the group has a crochet booth at a primarily knitting fair. Of course there’s a murder too. I found it a little out there that the ladies could teach folks who had never done any crocheting before to crochet a small granny square pin, with beads, using a size 3 crochet hook, in the space of a few minutes. The Stash Buster Wrap made more sense for a crochet class as it uses only alternating rows of single crochet and double crochet. A good first project. That did not deter from my enjoyment of the story, however, and what do I know. Maybe they are just a lot better at teaching than I am. LOL

The books generally have recipes also. I really can’t remember much about that as I’m not a cook but the bookstore where Molly Pink works offers treats as well as books and yarn products. 🙂

Betty Hechtman has other books besides these but the Molly Pink stories are my favorites. You can find her books at Amazon

As to my own crochet, I’m still working on the Doctor Who scarves. When I am finished with the body, I’ll have tons of tails to sew in. Then I will add fringe which some call tassels but really they are fringe. heh Tassels are  different.

Happy crocheting!


Remember I said that I got a new camera. I am still learning to work it. I am fairly good on “auto”. LOL Anyway, I decided I wanted to try the extra lens so I took off the lens that was on the camera. As it happened, I was clueless as to how to replace that lens or put on the other one. Today, I finally got the original one back on. So I took a picture. LOL

I wore this hat yesterday and was quite pleased with it. 

I didn’t intend to make a hat for myself. Someone posted a link to hats on my Facebook page and I went over to look at them and decided to make one. I saw this Panama hat that looked good so I followed the video that was posted (in Russian but the video is very clear).

As it turned out, the first rows of the pattern were just regular increase rounds for a basic hat. The pattern started to vary after that for the “mesh” like rows. 

Of course, I veered off from there because I didn’t want the rim and my hat was also getting pretty long by this time and I have a small head. So here’s what I did. 

I worked the increase rounds to 72 stitches. (12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72). Then I alternated V stitch and small bobble rounds 3 times (made as in the video). I then worked 3 rounds of single crochet and finished with a pretty edging of (sc, ch 3, sc) in same stitch, sk 2 and repeat. My head is about 20 1/2″ and this hat fit me perfectly. 

I used an I hook and Vanna’s Choice cranberry yarn.

Added note: This designer has another pattern on her blog called Panama but it is not the same one as the one I followed. It’s pretty though so I’m going to include the link here

Happy crocheting!

dw scarf

I’m still alive. heh I am using the excuse that I got a new camera and am not proficient in its use, not that I’ll ever be!

Anyway, I took a few photos of recent projects and hope they will show up okay.

Here are some prayer cloths I completed.

And here is a hat that I made during the January challenge at Crochet Crowd on Facebook. The ends are supposed to turn up and a button put on but that never happened.

I started it with one skein of yarn (even though the instructions clearly said two) and had to get another skein to finish it. Then I needed to get buttons, which I did, but I never put them on. I know. I’m just pathetic. Or lazy. Or both. 
I don’t often do challenges because of just this reason. I am lazy. LOL

The yarn is Vanna’s Choice Cranberry. I only had a couple rounds left so I am using the rest to attempt another hat. LOL 

Currently, I am working on a requested Doctor Who Season 12 scarf. It’s mindless work, single crochet rows. I just have to keep track of how many rows per color in the correct order. I am using a G hook.

I am using Stylecraft Special DK Copper, Camel, Khaki and Burgundy, Knit Picks Brava Sport Cobblestone Heather and Brindle; and Bonus DK Extra Value 0766 pumpkin (it’s goldish). The grey is actually not supposed to be heather but it is the closest to the non-heathered grey I have used in the past.

You can find the Who patterns at Crochet Cabana or at my Gallifreyan Crochetin Weebly Who site. Patterns based on Gene Fender’s patterns at (used with permission).

Happy crocheting!