I finished the wrap / shawl with the Lion Brand Heartland yarn. The color is #171 Cuyahoga Valley. I had to cut out a few sections from a second skein but not nearly as bad as that first one. I think I used three skeins for the shawl. I bought six. One was bad – I did use one of the larger balls of that one. I have two full skeins left. (It’s possible there’s another one at the bottom of the bin but it’s covered with Christmas gifts at the moment and I’m too lazy to move them to check.)

The skeins are 5 oz (142g) 251 yd (230m), 100% acrylic. Recommended hook for the yarn is a J and that is what I used. The pattern called for an L.

The pattern I used is the Smoky Mountains Crochet Triangle Wrap by Mama by Jessica at Mama In A Stitch. It’s a pretty simple triangle granny pattern. I worked 40 rounds. My shawl is 28″ in the middle, from round 1 center to the point of the last round.  The two short sides were 42 1/2″ and the long side 57″. I am very pleased with the fit. I’m a fairly wide person 🙂 and it fits me fine. I like the long covering in the back.

triangle shawl granny 10-20-2017

I did add a single crochet edging all around because you know I like my edgings even though a granny really doesn’t need it. I had the yarn so I decided to do it.

If I had it to do over again I don’t think I would use the chain for my circle. I didn’t like the way it sort of jutted out. That might be me not the chain. LOL I think I’d rather try an adjustable ring. Some things don’t work well with the adjustable ring so I’m not sure how it would go but I’d try it. I may just make another one of these as it was so easy to do while watching TV.

That’s the main thing I have been working on. I did make a few small squares for Bridget’s Cradles but I haven’t sent those off yet as I will probably make more.  They are 3 to 3 1/2″.

squares red 10-2017

In addition to crocheting, today I pulled off the statistics at the old site before we close the account. Those stats will be through October 7 as the domain was redirected to WordPress on the 8th. Most of my visitors are still from the United States – that’s no surprise. I had checked the stats in September when I was close to finishing the site move. It’s funny the difference in the order of the countries from September to October. In September it was U.S., Canada, Australia and Great Britain. In October (though granted only a week in) it is U.S., China, Australia, Italy then Great Britain. I always find it interesting to see where my visitors come from. I’m not sure how that works at WordPress but I’m sure I’ll find out.

Have a great crocheting day!


Bad yarn

I’m beginning to think the yarn world has something against me.

Background … A few weeks back, I purchased 6 skeins of Lion Brand Heartland yarn (from another seller). I also purchased the MacKenzie Clan Shawl at Lion Brand which is apparently from the Outlander series. I don’t watch Outlander so I wouldn’t know but it is a pretty shawl and is available in knit and crochet.

As is pretty normal for me, I decided not to use the yarn for that shawl but for a different one. The Smoky Mountain triangle shawl by Mama in a Stitch is available as a kit from Lion Brand, which is where I saw it. I didn’t want the kit, however, so I found the pattern free on the designer’s website. She also has it for sale as a pdf at Etsy for easy printing.

I’m now getting around to actually making a shawl. I pull out the yarn and just a few stitches in … a bad section. I cut it out and since I was just starting, I started over. Can you guess? Yes, another bad section. Now I decided to rewind the skein to make sure I got all the bad sections out. Well, I did.

heartland balls sans bad spots

Yes, those are all the balls I ended up with after cutting out all the bad sections. Some of these balls are just a few yards long! Such a mess and very frustrating. This is so not the first time this happens to me. Back in July you might recall I had a skein of Knit Picks Brava that did the same thing.

I pulled out a second skein as I had purchased whatever was required for the original scarf. This one seems fine. Yes, I rewound it to be sure. LOL I could have missed one or two but there certainly isn’t as many as in the first skein. I guess I should rewind the rest of them to be sure I have enough for a shawl before I start out, eh?

The yarn itself is very nice. It’s soft and the color is vibrant. The pattern I’m using suggests an L hook. I can’t imagine using an L with this yarn. I decided to try a J. I haven’t used a larger hook in so long it feels strange. I’ve been working with sport and light worsted with a G and H hook for a while now.

Thinking of the L hook reminded me of an afghan I made for one of my nieces using an L hook. I worked on it while waiting in the hospital. I can’t remember who was in the hospital, maybe my Dad as it was a long time ago. Anyway, it brought to mind memories.

It also feels strange to come to WordPress to write the blog now. LOL I guess I’ll get used to it. It is nice to have everything in one spot. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new place, good or bad.

Have a good crocheting day!




Happy 20th Anniversary to Crochet Cabana. 20 years on the Internet! Wow. I would never have imagined that I’d be here so long. It’s been a pleasure to serve the crochet community in this manner and I hope the site has helped some of you through the years.

Back in June, I posted about crochet hooks you could order if you want to celebrate the anniversary with me. You can see that post and find ordering details here and here.

Below are pictures of my own hooks. Prices for the hooks range from $15 to $40.


engraving for you bamboo 6-12-2017

front of hk w-o flash

I’m not going to do anything special to celebrate this time as everyone is busy with their own things. Mine is a tiny fish in a large pond. 🙂 We’ll just say “yay!” and count it done.

I know that are many who are trying to get their lives back together after the very active hurricane season this year. Here in Louisiana, we have been spared though we’ve had a few scares. The people in Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas are particularly on my heart and in my prayers.

In my crochet world, I have been making squares. Not much to say about them. I used my daughter’s cross-stitch square. The yarn is Knit Picks Brava worsted in fig, mulberry, Cobblestone Heather and Bernat Satin Dark Gold. I used an H hook. They are all 5 3/4 to 6″. An I hook might have been a better choice except for the grey which was a tad thicker than the other light worsteds.

squares 48 10-10-2017

Have a great crochet day!