Afghan and cowls


I’ve been making some cowls. I used the Topanga Cowl pattern, purchased at Ravelry. I worked the purple one as the pattern. For the black one, I skipped the sc rounds and added more dc and dtr rounds. If I do another one I will use hdc instead of sc but keep those rounds.

I used a Caron cake Blackberry Mousse for the first one. The colors didn’t change as quickly as I thought they would so it turned out mostly purples.

topanga cowl multi red 11-2017

For the second one, I used I Love This Yarn metallic black. This would make a gorgeous shawl too I think. Just keep going and don’t join into a cowl.

topanga cowl black red 11-2017

I’ve also been working on an afghan for my son’s wedding. Here’s a picture of it though not a great one. I laid it out on the floor to make sure I hadn’t made an error in my filet. I sort of measured it but I didn’t write it down and I’ve forgotten now what it was. It’s longer than wide as you can see in the photo.  Probably something like 38-40″ wide x something like maybe 56″ long. The yarn is I Love This Yarn white, gold and cranberry. The red and gold are representative of the Potter movies of which the bride is a fan. 🙂

Ben-Lindsay wedghan red 11-2017

That’s what I’ve been up to lately. What’s on your hooks?

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Mandalas for Marinke book

The Mandalas for Marinke book by Kathryn Vercillo is now available for purchase in paperback form. I understand there will be a hardcover edition and a Kindle edition out later. This one is $49.99 at Amazon.

I encourage you to do the “look inside” so you have an idea of how the book is laid out before purchase.  Included in the preview is the page where Kathryn explains how the book is as it is. This is a wonderful book and I’m very happy to have purchased it. That said, it isn’t what *I* expected. There is a listing of all contributors but there is no way to connect a particular mandala picture with a particular contributor. That is by design as you’ll read in the opening. I guess what I was expecting (and that is totally on me) was individual pictures of each mandala. That is not meant as a criticism. There were over 300 contributors who donated over 1000 mandalas and it would probably have been impossible to include them all. It is beautifully done with an artistic design. Like a kid I looked at all the pictures first,  but I look forward to reading every word of the text.

There is a ton of information that will be helpful to anyone but most especially to those who might be suffering from depression. There are a lot of resources and many quotes from folks who have dealt with depression. There is even a tutorial on how to crochet a mandala.

I think this book honors the memory of Marinke very well.

Kathryn’s newsletter gave these details about the book:

The main portion of the book consists of images of the mandalas, including full images, partial images and collages, alongside quotes and stories from many of the letters that you sent in with your contributions.

Additionally, the book includes:

– Introduction to the project
– Wink’s story from Crochet Saved My Life
– A little bit about the symbolism of mandalas
– A little bit about depression
– What a depression relapse looked like for me
– How I felt about the process of this project
– Lots of resources, collected during the blogging portion of the project

Here are a few shots from my own copy of the book.

I did find a picture of two of my mandalas. See arrow.

sandie mandalas

One of the collages

mandala sample 2

The cover

mandalas for marinke cover


One of the tenderest moments is the sharing of Wink’s story, in her own words, and Kathryn’s thoughts when she learned of Wink’s passing.

The art show featuring the mandalas is already going on. You can read a little about it here.  Also, here is the Grab Bag Studio page (where the show is being held).

Kathryn has a Patreon page if you care to make a contribution to help her continue her wonderful work. You’ll get information not available elsewhere. At the $30 level, you even get signed copies of Kathryn’s books.

Every mandala contribution will eventually be available at the Mandalas for Marinke website Kathryn has built. It is in progress. For myself, I printed out her blog entry on my own mandalas and stuck it inside the book for future reference.

Keep on crocheting!