Annie blocks

I received another shipment of blocks from Annie’s Block of the Month club. These use  the Cream color of Premier Everyday yarn. Skeins are 203 yards (186m), 4 oz. (113g). For this group I used all of one and part of a second skein.

The squares were pretty easy this time around and I didn’t reference the videos. I might have a look at them just for fun later.

blocks 16-18 red

One uses front post and back post stitches (upper right), one uses puffs (lower) and one uses clusters (upper left), all of which I am familiar. As before with these squares, each is supposed to have 25 stitches on each side for assembly. To me that is a challenging aspect as each has a different number of rows and stitches across.

These were squares #16, 17 and 18 of 30, so I’m more than halfway done. The squares take very little time to make so are great for working in between other projects or for a break while working on a particularly challenging project to give the brain a rest.

I sent off a card to try another of Annie’s clubs. This one sends you yarn, a pattern and possible charity efforts to which you can send the finished product. I thought that was an interesting and unique thing to do. Of course, you’re not obligated to use it for charity but it’s nice to have that info right there. It’s called Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club. You get three hooks (G, H and I), a large eye needle and a stitch guide as you free gifts. I’ve already got more hooks than a normal person could use LOL so that was not a great incentive for me, but nice to have the hooks if you’re not a hook collector as I am and of course having the required hooks for the projects handy can’t hurt.

You might recall I tried out the Hook and Needle Club some time ago. It was also a good club but I found I ended up with projects I didn’t know what to do with once I finished. I think this one will be a better fit but time will tell.

One of the patterns shown in the mailing was one I thought I’d like to try (the afghan the little girl is holding) in the picture and since a major thing with finding a neat pattern is finding the proper yarn in the correct amounts, this seemed like a match made in heaven so to speak. Whether it will be worth the cost or not, I’ll have to determine as time goes. As always, I’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

If you enjoy clubs and want to try others that are not about crochet/knit, I found this listing of Annie’s other clubs. The charity one is pretty new so it’s not in the list. Other crafts included are quilting, woodworking, beadwork, cardmaking, one for girls, and another with a different project type in every shipment. Annie sure knows how to appeal to all interests! One thing I like is that in your account all the clubs to which you subscribe can be handled in one place.

Happy Crocheting!



Midwife afghan

A bit ago I saw a pattern for a pretty little baby afghan which was modeled after one seen on the TV show Call the Midwife. This is not a show I watch but I know of it. I thought it was so pretty that I had to make one.

You can find the pattern I used at Little Monkeys Crochet. There is at least one other pattern floating around as well but it required more thinking and this one was written out simply. I think it came out pretty well and it wasn’t difficult. I chose to put a different border around it but otherwise followed the pattern.

call the midwife afghan red 7-25-2018

I used an H hook and Knit Picks Brava Worsted (100% acrylic, 218 yards (100g) skeins) in the color Blush. I used every bit of 4 skeins. It’s a very lightweight blanket.

Finished size is approx. 31″ x 34 1/2″.

A little bit more about the original pattern…

The Ravelry page for Patons Block Shawl indicates the original pattern can be found in three out of print booklets.
Patons #129 (Canada), Shawls by Beehive
Patons #6369, Shawls to Knit and Crochet as Chequered Shawl to Crochet
Patons & Baldwins Limited (UK) #9930, Here’s the Choice as Crochet Shawl

I located a copy of the pattern and I thought it interesting that the chain given is 256. The yarn used is I am sure long discontinued. It says: “Patons Beehive Fingering 3 ply Patonised, or Patons Carefree Canadiana Fingering 3 ply: 12 (1 oz.) balls. One No. 10 Milward Aluminum Crochet hook or whichever hook you require to produce the tension of 1 Pattern = 2 1/2 ins. in width.”

I also found a list of old Paton yarns that listed:
Patons Beehive Fingering 3 ply Patonised
Gauge per 1″ 8 sts/10 rows, needle size 3

I even found a listing for vintage crochet hooks that contained a Milward No. 10. Since that is not a size I would ever use I didn’t bother with it but interesting that they are still around.

The Little Monkeys web page indicates Rebecca was given permission to keep her pattern up by Yarnspirations who now owns Patons.

I saw no less than three other patterns that were similar in design at Ravelry. The only other one I looked at closely was Jonna’s. She has a video tutorial which is well done.  I may try her version on another go.

My niece had surgery and I was up at the hospital with my family while working on this little afghan. I completed about half of it there and the rest the next day except for one side of the border. The border I used is one round of single crochet followed by my favorite one round of (sc, ch 2, sc) in same stitch, sk 1. (That is not the border in the pattern.)

I also finished a little hat which I gave to my sister-in-law for her young granddaughter.

I have a bear filet pattern I’m thinking to do next.

Happy Crocheting!


More hats

After I mailed off the pink baby hats, I saw a notice that orange hats were needed for Halloween. I was able to find locally a skein of Red Heart Super Saver in Pumpkin. While not my favorite yarn for baby things, it was all I could find quickly. I also was able to make a few more hats with the Bernat Giggle Tickled Pink (which is a lovely soft yarn). I’m washing the Red Heart as we know it softens after washing. I got 15 little hats out of the Pumpkin in various sizes.

19 baby hats

One of the patterns I used was this one from God’s Tiny Angels (where these hats are going). As the name suggests, it is very simple. The last two rows are folded up. The rest of the hats are my regular go-to pattern for a simple hat with a pretty edging.

I also finished a scarf in the bulky dove grey yarn but forgot to take a picture before packaging it. It was a simple dc pattern.

That’s all for now. My yarn closet is getting out of control so I have to use some of this yarn to make place for more. 🙂

Happy Crocheting!



Baby hats

After finishing the second afghan I started on preemie baby hats with the leftover pink yarn from the cancer ribbon afghan. They are two different sizes, just a basic hat pattern, 12, 24, and 12, 24, 36 with a [(sc, ch 2, sc) in same space, sk 1] for the edging around. Easy peasy. I used an H hook for the larger and an I hook for the smaller to give it a bit of stretch. That was my thought anyway.

14 baby hats 7-15-2018

I finished these yesterday and started a scarf today. I still have several skeins of the bulky dove heather and I thought I’d make scarves with it to send off as it’s too hot for our climate here.

Then I have two patterns I want to work on – a teddy bear filet and the baby afghan pattern based on the one in the Call the Midwife. I don’t watch the show but I love the afghan and found a pattern online.

Happy Crocheting!


Another wedding afghan

I have finished the second wedding afghan. Size is about the same – 37″ x 56″. I used the same yarn – I Love This Yarn Antique White, 7 oz (199g) skeins, 355 yds (325m), 100% acrylic. I also used the alphabet I designed myself but it’s just block letters and I’m sure others have used this type of alphabet as well.

Here are the two afghans side by side. You can see how I changed the position of the hearts. I like them both. Another option would be to put the hearts after the word “hearts”. All are fine options.

I bought 12 skeins of this yarn and I have 3 left so that means for the two afghans I used 9 skeins. I have very little left of the used skeins.

I also found a use for another of my 31 pieces. This is actually one of my favorite pieces – the Double Duty Caddy. It’s in the “final few” so I don’t know how much longer they will have this pattern but as far as I know the Double Duty Caddy will still be around. I just love the little owl I put on the front. It does cost extra to add an embellishment. I was able to put my yarn in it and keep the hooks I was using with it as well. As I worked on the strips, if I had to stop working for a while I would put the strip in one side and the yarn in the other with the hooks in the mesh side section. This kept the project together and off the floor and was easily moved from place to place. 🙂 This piece worked better for me with the ILTY as they are taller skeins. The cakes and wound balls worked better with the Oh- Snap bin.

owl tote with yarn-hooks 7-2018

As you can see there are two hooks in there. I used an I hook for the body of the afghan. For the border of [(sc, ch 2, sc) in same space, sk 1], I used an H hook.

That’s it for the wedding afghans. Now to begin something new.

Happy Crocheting!