The bearghan is done. Not difficult but you do have to pay attention. I’m not saying that because I had to rip back four rows when I missed a stitch. LOL I will say I got tired of it and struggled to finish particularly the border rounds. I did 3 rounds instead of 5.

The yarn I used is Bernat Baby Sport. It’s 100% acrylic, 10.5 oz (300g), 1077 yds (984m) skeins. Dye lot 166043. The color is Baby Yellow. I used all of one skein and I’d say more than half of a second.

This yarn was great to work with. The only tails I had to sew in were the beginning and ending tails, where I changed skeins, and one place near the end of the skein where I got the yarn tangled and decided to just cut it. Not their fault. LOL

Here’s a picture of the cute little bear.

bear filet full 8-27-2018

As noted previously, the Mary Maxim patterns that I have purchased do not have the row numbers. This is particularly important in this pattern which is not symmetrical and took many days to complete. I began it August 15 and finished August 27 so almost two weeks.

Anyway, to work the pattern I scanned it in two parts as it was too large to get in one. Then I put the two parts together so no rows were lost and added the numbers, making it large enough so I could see them. It was not that difficult. It was just time consuming. Here’s a tiny bit of it.

bear head chart

I worked it as filet crochet. Each block is 3 dc but remember that every block shares a side with the previous block. In other words, two block are actually 5 dc not 6. That is helpful to know when counting the solid blocks between open ones. Open blocks are (dc, ch 1, dc).

Since I used a sport yarn rather than the fingering yarn it came with, my piece was considerably larger at 43″ x 46″. Pattern says 32″ x 36″ so about 10″ larger on each side.

I couldn’t find the bear pattern to link to it, but there is a free bunny filet pattern there if you want to have a look. Whoever does their filet designs does a really good job. This bear and the giraffe I did previously are excellent. They really look cute. I had looked at other giraffe patterns and theirs was the best. That’s why I opted to spend the bucks for the kit even knowing I wouldn’t use the yarn included.

If you’ve never worked filet and want to give it a try, it’s really not that hard. It’s simply double crochet and chains. The hardest part is the counting.

Have a look at my filet page and others around the Internet too if that one doesn’t do it for you. Sometimes seeing it a different way will make it click. Be aware, however, that different folks may do it differently. Some use the 4 dc mesh where I use the 3dc mesh. I’ve seen it worked with hdc using each square as one stitch rather than as a block. Just know what you’re looking at before you start.

I am pleased with how the bear came out but glad to have it done. Next up will be that Bernat Pop lapghan waiting on me.

Happy Crocheting!




I finished one hat with the Annie yarn. The yarn is Premier Everyday. It’s very soft, anti-pill, 100% acrylic. Skeins are 180 yds (165m), 3.5 oz. (100g), lot 10521. The color is Lagoon (ED200-05).

I love the variegated color and as I said, it’s very soft. It was a dream to work with. No bits to cut out at all. I still have a small ball left after making this one.

The pattern is 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 then work 3 dc, fpdc. I added four rounds of sc at the brim. I used an H hook.

As you can see, it covers my model’s ears completely so it’s very warm.

I’ve started one with the second skein but it’s smaller.

Happy Crocheting!





I already mentioned the Annie’s Caring Crochet kit that I received recently. I’m just starting to make the hats and will post when I’m done. As it happens, after looking at the patterns, I decided to use different patterns with the yarn. One uses the technique of going from brim to top and the other uses a different type of cluster which after trying I decided I didn’t like. That said, you might love both of these patterns.

Besides the hats, I also received my sampler square package, so I’ll be working on those soon as well. I’m still finishing up the bear afghan but hope to do that this week and then I have a lapghan started.

I just purchased a new bag from Thirty-One’s new Get Creative line. The one I bought is the Get Creative Caddy in Falling Feathers print. I have been so excited to put it to use. These two packages were the perfect fit for this bag.

There were two skeins in each kit and the four of them fit perfectly in the caddy. I also was able to put the sample square pattern book on one side and the hat pattern book on the other, along with hooks, scissors, stitch markers and needles. Everything in one place, nice and tidy, small enough to bring along or easy to lay out to work on at home.

get creative caddy full 1 labeledget creative caddy full labeled 4get creative caddy (3) full labeledget creative caddy full labeled 1

I’m sure I’m going to find a lot of uses for this when these projects are completed. Note that I do not sell Thirty-One products but I did get this one at a discount. I always look for the sales and monthly deals and, of course, there are always new design patterns.

Here are some others I have in my collection. The grey bag on the left is the deluxe utility tote. There are 24 large yarn cakes in there and I could easily fit two more. The one next to it is the large utility tote. The print shown (if you can see it) is not available but I love the falling feathers print. I’m not sure how many skeins I have in there but it is a lot. The only problem I have with those is that they don’t stack well as the sides are collapsible. However, even with all that yarn in it, they are light enough for me to lug around unlike the plastic bins I also use. I am thinking of putting shelves in the closet so I can put more totes and get rid of the heavy plastic bins.

The next bag with the colorful squares is holding my Annie’s sampler squares and leftover yarn from that project, as well as the little pattern pamphlets. I don’t recall what that tote is called. It has a zipper top. I got it on sale. The round one is the mini storage bin but it is anything but mini. I have the bearghan in there which I would say is toddler size, made in sport yarn. Also in that bin is the rest of the 10.5 oz skein of Bernat sport. It easily held the full skein when I started out.

31 yarn storage

The small purple caddy is the double duty caddy.  I love this one so much. In fact, I went to get another one and it was sold out. I paid extra to have the little owl put on the front and this is one of my favorite pieces. It is holding the beginnings of a lapghan. Here’s a better picture showing the little owl and the mesh pocket where I keep hooks. Isn’t it the cutest thing?

owl tote with yarn-hooks 7-2018

I think I’ve already shown you the oh snap bins which I use when working with cakes. I have many of them in the toy room separating different types of toys. You can snap them together though I haven’t used them in that way yet.

oh snap bins

I don’t want to sound like an advertisement but I do love the products.

Anyway, more as I finish up more projects.

Happy Crocheting!


Keepsake Coverup

As I mentioned previously, I started a Keepsake Coverup with some I Love This Yarn I had on hand. Yarn is Antique White, 100% acrylic, 7 oz (199g) 355 yds (325m) skeins. Dye lot 201450.

Keepsake Coverup is a pattern I’ve used many times. It goes quickly and makes a lovely afghan. It is in the book Quick and Cozy Afghans by Leisure Arts.  Tip: Ebay has a number of copies much cheaper. Most are pre-owned but there were a few that said new.

Finished size is about 27 1/2″ x 31″, made with an I hook.

The only problem I had with this one is the second skein of ILTY that I picked up (same dye lot) had bits of dark green in it. I picked them out as I ran across the bits, hoping I didn’t miss any. When I finished the ghan, I found another skein in the same dye lot. LOL I could have saved myself some trouble.

I’m also continuing to work on the filet bear afghan. Here’s where I am currently.

bear wip 8-20-2018

This is about 41″ wide and 18″ long.  I’m just shy of half done. I was worried about the size but, having measured it, I now think it will be just fine, maybe a little large for a baby afghan but babies grow quickly.  🙂

The yarn I’m using is Bernat Baby Sport which is what Walmart had on hand. I mistook it for Bernat Softee Baby which is a softer yarn but this one is okay too. It’s 100% acrylic, 10.5 oz (300g), 1077 yds (984m) skeins. One might be enough for I’ve got a second one in dye lot 166043 just in case. The color is Baby Yellow.

Since these are huge skeins I used my Thirty-One bin to put it in.  (I think that print is gone but there are other cute ones.) That’s working out very well.

More on that when it’s done.

I  also have in progress a Bernat Pop lapghan and I have those Annie hats waiting for my itchy fingers to get hold of.

Happy Crocheting!



Hat and more

Another hat done. For this one, with an I hook, I worked dc rounds of 12, 24, 36, 48, 48, 60, 66, then worked a round of dc, fpdc. a round of hdc, fpdc, then I worked two rounds of sc. Then with an H hook, I worked two rounds of sc to give a little tighter fit around the brim. Of course, that is a fit on me and my model.

8-13-2018 pink hat

I normally work on one project at a time, but as it happens I have started THREE projects, all of which are in progress. What happened was that I had started working on a lapghan with the Bernat Pop I bought recently. Then I was asked to make a baby afghan in a neutral color. I had some yellow so I started the bear afghan I got from Mary Maxim. I had to scan the chart and number it and all that because MM doesn’t put the row numbers on their charts. Then I got about a third of the way and realized it was going to be way big as I was using a sport yarn rather than fingering (which is what comes with the kit).

So… I started a white Keepsake Coverup with some I Love This Yarn I had on hand. I’m about half done with that. Keepsake Coverup is a pattern I’ve used many times. It goes quickly and makes a lovely afghan. It is in the book Quick and Cozy Afghans by Leisure Arts. Tip: Ebay has a number of copies much cheaper. Most are pre-owned but there were a few that said new.

I fully intend to finish all of these projects!

Here is the bear WIP.

mm bear wip 2 8-16-2018

But what I really want to share is my excitement over the first shipment of the new Annie Caring kits I’ll be getting. I love the yarn color and hats is just what I need to make! I haven’t really looked at the patterns closely but the pictures look like they’ll be simple to do.

The kits come with free hooks (like I need more!) and a free stitch guide. Of course, there is also the pattern instructions for the hats. This first shipment cost $15.94 with shipping and the discount for joining. The future shipments will probably be in the range of $25. We’ll see if they are worth it but for this first one I’m well pleased.

I can’t wait to dive into those but first I must finish at least one of the afghans. LOL

Happy Crocheting!