Free Patterns

Every now and then I run across a pattern I like. That’s not to say I’m ever going to get around to making them but thought you all might like to have a look too. So here are some I’ve run across recently. If you like free patterns, you might also have a look at the Facebook page of Kim Guzman called Only Free Crochet. I find a lot of the items I like there. I might also note that some free patterns also have a for sale option on Ravelry or Etsy where you can purchase a pdf of the pattern rather than having to copy and paste into another program to save it.  I also often take the option to save it to my Ravelry favorites when that option is offered

This lovely hexagon afghan by Jess caught my eye.

Herrschner’s Baby’s First Gingham Blanket ... so cute. Baby weight yarn offered in several colors. Not a bad price for a kit but it doesn’t give any specifics as to how many skeins you get in the kit. That matters to me because I probably wouldn’t use an F hook and would need more yarn.

Star Trek Insignia. This is a knitted pot holder but there’s a chart. I saw a baby afghan made using this chart. I tried it myself but I didn’t like the result. Here’s a picture of it unfinished. It’s actually yellow.

star trek insignia 2018

This is a video demonstrating how to make a vest by sewing two scarves together. I make a lot of scarves so thought this was a great idea. Of course, I’ve not done it yet. LOL

Chickens have been in our conversations a lot lately and when I saw this egg apron I had to immediately save the pattern figuring that chickens will eventually be a part of our lives. 🙂 Our neighbors actually do have chickens.

Lindsey at Winding Road Crochet has a tutorial on the herringbone stitch which she uses in an infinity shawl pattern.  If I decided to make this I would probably not join to make an infinity shawl but just continue the pattern and make a regular shawl.

Isn’t this Ana Lucia Shawl gorgeous? Since I’m always in a hurry and never have enough of the right yarns to make the beautiful patterns I find, I’ll probably never make this but I think it’s so lovely.

As I’ve mentioned before when I order yarn for a specific project by the time it comes in I’ve forgotten what I ordered it for and end up using it for something totally different. LOL No worries. It all gets used eventually.

This Soft Pebble Shawl is so pretty. I might actually have to make one. It doesn’t take much yarn (less than 1000 yards) or time. My only hesitation is that it’s so open weave which is not good for most of my charity projects which depend on warmth since they go to cold areas.

Underground Crafter’s blog post contains over 100 free crochet patterns. Worth a look I’d say.

Andraya’s Seamless Hooded Scarf is an older pattern that I’ve used a few times. The last one was this year, in fact. You can see that blog post here.  If you want to see the others just search the site for “hooded”. The hood makes it appealing as you don’t have to carry a separate hat and won’t lose the scarf.

hooded scarf 4-14-2018

Here are some hat patterns particularly for those who want to crochet for cancer. I made one of these recently – the Basketweave Vertical Stripe.

chemo hats modeled (3)

If you’ve ever wanted to do a ripple afghan but the thought of it made you pause, you might try this one at Attic24 by Lucy. Huge pictures in the tutorial make it very easy to follow. I have made lots of ripples, including this one. They are fun and not too hard once you see how the process works.

That’s all for now. I know there are many many other patterns out there and maybe I’ll share a few more in another post. I save off patterns just about every day. I have so many that I could never make them all in what’s left of my lifetime. 🙂

Happy Crocheting!



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