Annie Blocks

Unusually I have several projects going on at the same time right now. I took some time to finish off a few of the Annie Block of the Month patterns that I have received. I’m a bit behind on those. The ones I grabbed happened to be Blocks 19-21.

Annie blocks 19-21

The yarn is Premier Everyday Anti-pilling yarn. Skeins are 203 yards (186m), 4 oz (113g), 100% acrylic worsted weight. The color is Cappucino. I used all of one skein and a bit of a second for these three squares.

This group uses the long double crochet cross-stitch in two of the patterns. They call one the “long cross stitch” and the other one the “crossed long double crochet” but they are basically the same, just placed differently. I found a triple crochet worked better for me in one of them. The trick with these is that you have to bring up a very long loop or your work will be pulled inward.

The other square uses the kernel stitch. I was not familiar with this stitch as used but it’s really just a single crochet decrease where you start it in the same stitch you just finished. In other words, to begin the row you work a single crochet, then you insert hook back in the same single crochet and begin your decrease. Then you continue along in like manner, each decrease beginning in the previous decrease. I really liked this stitch even though single crochet is a time consuming little thing. It does give a very tight-knit fabric and was rather fun to work. I’m thinking of using it on a scarf in the near future. Note to self to use a larger hook so the work is not so stiff. I used an I on this square.

I also just discovered that there is a spot on Annie’s customer service page where you can download the patterns that you have already purchased. How cool is that? I don’t remember that being made clear previously but sometimes I skim things and don’t get all the info clear. My bad. They even had the patterns for clubs I was in previously so I was really excited to have those in my computer handy. That said, there were a few I remember doing that weren’t there so maybe that is a fairly new addition to the site or it’s been too long since I did those.

In addition to these squares, I am still working on a lapghan and did a few small projects on the side. I currently have three Thirty-One pieces that stay by my chair all the time, each one holding parts of a project.

I’m working on the last strip for that lapghan and then will edge and join them. Shouldn’t be too long before you see that finished project.

Happy Crocheting!


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