Scrap lapghans

Two scrap lapghans finished. Both used worsted yarns but one is lighter worsteds and the other is heavier worsted so although the chain is the same, one is slightly smaller than the other.

The first one is straight double crochet. The size is about 31″ x 33″. I added a simple single crochet border in black around the lapghan. My thought was it could be used for a man or woman, even though there are a few rows of pink and some lighter colors. Hey, some men may like pink.

lapghan 1 7-20-2019

The second one is the smaller one. The size is about 29″ x 32″. I used a row of double crochet followed by a row of front cross-stitches. I just grabbed the next ball that was big enough for a few rows though looking at the result, I could have done a better job of separating the lighter and darker colors.

lapghan 2 7-20-2019

I used an H hook for both. If I remember correctly, I chained 100. I know the front cross stitch multiple is even numbers. You can make anything with this stitch from a dishcloth to a scarf to a full size afghan. I’ve used it for hats too.

That’s all for now. On my  hooks at the moment is another wee blankie.

Happy Crocheting!



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