This is a collection of free patterns designed by myself, Sandie Petit, as well as other designers who have kindly given Crochet Cabana permission to host their designs here for you. Patterns by other designers are listed on a separate page.

Please read the copyright notice before using these, or any other materials on this site. These patterns are for personal or charity use only, but single sale of items made with patterns is allowed unless otherwise stated. In other words, sale of items that can reasonably be made by a single person is okay but don’t mass produce them.

Please remember that patterns and tutorials are never to be sold anywhere. PDF files should never be copied except for personal use nor reposted anywhere in any form.

Most of the patterns on Crochet Cabana are in pdf format. You will need the free Adobe Reader to view them.

If you cannot read pdf files, there is a pdf conversion at the Adobe site. It converts to html. You will not get pics, but you will get all the text in both formats.

Please note that all patterns use American terminology and are written for those who are right-handed.

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