Beginner Luck

I’m presently working on a Beginner’s Luck afghan. I’ll bet you’re glad it’s not another wee blankie post! LOL In any case, I haven’t made an afghan this large since the persimmon one some time ago. That was a gift just as this one is. I’ve been making so many wee blankies, it was time for something a little larger. We’re having a bit of a cold front here in Louisiana so it’s nice to have this on my lap!

The current size is about 48″ wide by 31″ long. I’m starting the 8th blue stripe. I’m not sure how long I’ll make it but I have plenty of yarn so I’ll just see how it goes.

With regards to the yarn I haven’t run into any more strangeness in the blue. I’ve had to cut out a lot of thick spots and knots in both the blue and white though more in the white I think. That happens in any yarn and I’ve found it more prevalent these days in all my yarns.  It makes more tails to sew in so I’ve been using the new method I learned crocheting with my tails. You have to use a longer tail to do that but since I have so much yarn I didn’t mind that.

In this technique, one crochets with the tail as you change colors. Not OVER the tail but WITH the tail. Very clever actually. Video by Hooked by Robin.

The pattern is the Beginner’s Luck afghan in Knit and Crochet Afghans vol 768 Brunswick which is long out of print. I found some used copies at Amazon and Ebay

The pattern in the book makes a smaller afghan. In my notes I have three sizes. I don’t know if I found the same pattern in another book or just figured it out myself. For this afghan, I used a foundation chain of 160. The pattern says to go into the third chain from hook for a double crochet. If you want to go into the 4th chain you need to add an additional chain to your foundation chain.

This is quite an easy and fun pattern to work. It’s a four-row repeat with each color. I’m trying to keep track of how much yarn I use but I’m not good about that. 🙂

I’ll post again when I’m done or I have something else to show.

Happy Crocheting!


Funny yarn

Well, folks, here is another first for me. I recently bought 15 skeins of Premier Everyday anti-pilling yarn to make an afghan as a gift. I decided to use the Beginner’s Luck afghan pattern that I’ve used many times though I’ve never made one as large as this one. Anyway, I start to work and there are a few thick spots in the yarn so I decide to wind it so I won’t get surprised as I’m working because that really annoys me. If I know ahead of time I can plan.

So here’s a picture of what I got. Yes, those balls are from the same skein. About the middle of the skein it becomes marled. At least I guess that’s what it is. The extra bit looks greyish to me and I can’t find a yarn in their line that looks like this. It’s so odd. I’ve had bits of another color in my yarns before but never anything like this that I can recall. I don’t usually wind my yarns but may have to just to make sure I have enough to finish my afghan.

I’ve written to Premier since I bought 15 skeins of this same dye lot. [update: Premier refunded me for the one bad skein and promised to do the same if any of the other skeins come up bad. They don’t anticipate I’ll have any more problems as they’ve sold many of this dye lot with no problems noted.]

Premier yarn lot 8163

On to other things …

This wee blankie was made with Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek Aqua and Pale Yellow. I used a J hook. The pattern is from Daisy Farm Craftsthe Crochet Modern Granny Blanket by Tiffany. Daisy Farm Crafts is one of my favorite places to go when looking for a new pattern to try. The patterns are generally easy to work and there are videos to help along the way. Between this site and Unraveled Mitten I have plenty of patterns!

PR 1-18-2020 yarn bee

Happy Crocheting!



Star Wars hook

You know I have to share my latest hook… from Etsy seller Sienna’s Bowtique.  She has all manner of crochet hooks. So very cool. The grandsons are big Star Wars fans at the moment so I couldn’t resist this one. We are counting it as my birthday gift. 🙂 I had to have a Baby Yoda.

star wars hook recd 1-17-2020

I was looking at Melanie Grobler’s CAL at M and M Crochet Designs for Hannah’s Unicorn Blanket and saw her tutorials on the standing stitches. these are used in the pattern. Thought I would share. The unicorn blanket is so cute too!
Standing sc
Standing hdc
Standing dc

I also worked a few more of the Cloudberry pattern by Johanna Lindahl this week.  #mijocrochet #cloudberryblanket Here is the English version that I used.

These are 6″ made with I Love This Yarn Menthe and an H hook.

PR cloudberry 1-16-2020

And a few more Cross Stitch.  These are also 6″ blankies. The variegated is ILTY Iced Sugar.

PR 2 xst 1-17-2020

And a different cross-stitch based on my Cross Stitch Scarf pattern. 6″

PR xst green 1-17-2020

And another puff blankie from the Leisure Arts leaflet 63 Easy to Crochet Pattern Stitches Combine to Make an Heirloom Afghan. It’s #7.

PR bobble 1-17-2020

Happy Crocheting!




A question I get asked a lot is “how much yarn do I need to buy”. Someone posted this link to Shiny Happy World which shows you how to estimate total yardage for a project worked in the round. Thought I’d share it. I haven’t actually worked the rounds so I suggest you work one round and measure it to be sure you’re getting the same measurements she got.

The new CAL at Unraveled Mitten has begun. The first square pattern is up here.

I completed one square but I’m not as happy with the color changes as I could be. It was a little confusing at first but once I got into it I had no trouble with the pattern.

PR 1-16-2020 yellow green

Someone posted a picture of Vanna White in the AARP magazine. I went to the site and found this article. Of course, most crocheters know that Vanna White has been crocheting for many years. I have a very old magazine with the pattern she designed called Vanna’s Choice in it. She is not a designer by trade and the books in her name are not her designs but this one is hers. I’ve used it many times. It’s in the book Vanna’s Afghans A to Z. Though it’s old you can still find copies around. Here is the cover and also a couple of the afghans I made with the pattern.


I made a few more 6″ blankies. All are with I Love This Yarn. The two yellow are Buttercup and the variegated is Iced Sugar. These are Cross Stitch Squares.

PR six inch 1-14-2020

These are more of the same. There’s a cross-stitch square and more puff stitch squares – #7 in the Leisure Arts leaflet 63 Easy to Crochet Pattern Stitches Combine to Make an Heirloom Afghan. I varied the sizes as blankies between 6″ and 8″ have been requested. The multiple is 4 + 2.

The one in the lower right was made with a chain of 18. It came out 5 1/2″. I usually put a single crochet border around before doing the fancier one but for this square, I went right into the border and it is exactly 6″. For the others, I used 22 or 26 chains to make 7″ and 8″ blankies. I’ll probably make a few more of these as well. I enjoy making the puff and bobble stitches but am not a fan of the popcorn. Go figure. LOL Just a quirk of mine.

PR blankies 1-15-2020

I’m working hard on these to fill the box and get them out quickly so they can have the smaller blankies that are needed. Isn’t it sad that there is such a need for comfort from infant loss? I’m glad we have places like Project Robby, Angel Blankets and Rachel’s Gift to give that comfort but wish the need wasn’t so great. The babies are happy in heaven no matter how tiny they were when they left us. As in all deaths of loved ones, it is those left behind who suffer so that is why these organizations are such a blessing.

Happy Crocheting!




Someone asked what a CAL is. CAL stands for Crochet Along. That, of course, made me curious about other acronyms I’ve seen and I found this site with some new ones with which I wasn’t familiar.

I am finishing up the Unraveled Mitten 2019 Stashbusting Sampler Afghan CAL. #theunraveledmitten #2019StashBustingCAL. Heather recently posted the first of four 2020 CALs. It looks really interesting so I’m anxious to see the first pattern.

C2C Double Crochet Square is #14  The yarn used is I Love This Yarn Buttercup for the yellow and Menthe for the green. I followed the pattern changing colors at Row 15 where the decrease begins. The pattern isn’t difficult if you know how to do a decrease but I did find it didn’t want to lie flat. I hadn’t planned to add the second round of border but decided to, hoping it would flatten and it did help.

It is very important to read the notes section. It gives valuable information since the row counts for all rows aren’t given. You just do the two-row repeat – which is quite a normal  manner of writing a pattern. For myself, because I had the info in the notes section, I was able to figure out the counts and wrote them down so I could check myself as I went along. This is particularly helpful if you have trouble recognizing the decreases. I caught myself a couple of times but because I knew what the count should be, I didn’t have to do any ripping. Yay.

PR 1-12-2020 c2c green yellow

I think that’s it for the Stashbusting CAL. I started a couple and then abandoned them. Not because they were bad squares or any fault of the pattern. You know some days things just don’t strike you and another day they might. I may come back to these in the future, especially the ones I really enjoyed and want to do again. I am pretty sure I won’t do the mitered square because those never work out for me. I believe there were five I didn’t do.

Of course, I continue to make blankies. The next few were made with I Love This Yarn Iced Sugar and an I hook. The grouping below was made with the pattern Cross Stitch Square by Kate Smith which if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know this is my all-time favorite square pattern designed by my daughter.

PR 1-14-2020 x st

And here’s a puff stitch I’ve done before. It’s #7 in the Leisure Arts leaflet 63 Easy to Crochet Pattern Stitches Combine to Make an Heirloom Afghan – my copy is #555 but that number has changed on different printings. This is a 1987 leaflet that has been reprinted oodles of times. You can find it many places. The Knit Picks leaflet is on sale as I write this. You can read reviews at Amazon . You can also purchase directly from Leisure Arts in paper or ebook version. In this case, I would suggest getting the paper book as you may want to make notes as you go. There were some errors in the original printing which I hoped had been edited out. One of the reviews indicates there are still problems but I had no problem with this square. Leisure Arts does have an errata page but this leaflet is not on it, possibly because it’s so old.

I worked the pattern as written using the chain 26.

PR 1-14-2020 bobbles iced sugar

I think it’s time to go through my yarns again. My closet is getting a little messy and my yarns are getting confused. LOL I won’t mention the Premier Everyday that was on sale the other day that I had to have. I’m waiting for that to come in. It may be used for a full size afghan. I enjoy making the wee ones but every now and then a larger project calls to me.

Happy Crocheting!