Baby Afghan

I finished a small baby afghan today. Finished size is approx 30″ x 32″.

Yarn is I Love This Yarn Sunset. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s a very pretty yarn.

Pattern is the Keepsake Coverup in the book Quick and Cozy Afghans by Leisure Arts. I used an I hook so the holes wouldn’t be as big.

baby afghan 3-17-2018 red (2)

baby blanket 3-17-2018 red

There’s really not much to say about this one. I had no trouble with the yarn. The pattern is easy and works up quickly. The only problem I had was getting the border to come out evenly. Since I used a smaller hook, I didn’t make it as long so I didn’t have the required number of stitches down the sides. I worked it out with a little fudging and a lot of counting. I think it came out very nice.

Happy Crocheting!



More Past Afghans

I’m in the mood to reminisce and you lucky folks get to share this time with me. 🙂

Here are some more projects from my past crochet days. And yes, I still have these magazines / books / leaflets. I sure enjoyed pulling them out and looking through them for these patterns.

This is a cute little baby afghan I made for my niece way back in 1984. The pattern is the Daphne Coverlet from Afghans magazine, Spring 1984. The center is Tunisian crochet (afghan stitch) and the elephant is cross-stitched on it. The squares surrounding it are granny squares. The bibs were from various patterns I had at the time. The magazine says it is about 41″ square.


These afghans were made for my nephew, who is also my Godson. The pattern from the one on the right is the Regal Stripes Throw in the magazine Afghans, Fall 1983. I believe that one was made in 1990. The one on the left uses a variegated yarn and I’m pretty sure is  Vanna’s Choice afghan from her book Vanna’s Afghans A to Z: 52 Crochet Favorites.


This is also one of my early efforts (1980s). I was fearless then. 🙂 It is from the Leisure Arts leaflet 130 Reversible Afghans to Crochet, ©1978. It is called Extra Quick Granny. Design by Joan Kokaska. It uses 10 colors. It is gracing my queen size bed.


I have made at least a half dozen afghans with this pattern, maybe more. This is the Beginner’s Luck pattern in the Brunswick leaflet Knit and Crochet Afghans 768, ©1990.

beginner luck barbara

From the first, my favorite projects to work on were afghans. My first afghans were just double crochets, varying only by the number of rows in each color. In the bottom right photo, I made my first afghan that used a different stitch. I added some front post stitches to it. 🙂 The upper left tan is a tweed yarn I got from TG&Y way back when. I loved that yarn.

This pretty ripple afghan was made from a kit. I gave it to Dr. Cardwell, who was my OB-GYN during a difficult pregnancy in the late ’80s. Though he didn’t actually end up delivering my baby girl as he was out of town when I delivered a preemie 6 weeks early, he cared for me during that time. The doctor who did the delivery is still my doctor.


I’ve made a lot of afghans in the close to 40 years I’ve been crocheting. I really should be better at this. LOL

Hope you enjoyed today’s walk through memory lane. I don’t promise there won’t be more of the same later.

Happy crocheting!


Afghans from the past

I recently pulled out this afghan which was started by my mother-in-law and finished by me at her request when she became too ill to work on it. She passed away from cancer in 1985 so this would probably have been in ’84 I’m thinking.

stella and sandie afghan full made 1984

I don’t recall the pattern but the finished size is about 62″ square.

This was over 30 years ago and my crochet skills were just a few years old. 🙂 I can hardly believe I did this. I’m sure the yarn was probably something similar to what Red Heart is today. I can remember buying Wintuk yarn when I first started crocheting (from TG&Y!), but I don’t actually remember what this particular afghan used.

This made me think of some of the afghans I’ve made through the years. I’ll share a few pics with you.

This one was made for my mom. It’s done in Tunisian crochet and the flowers are cross-stitched on it. Again, I can’t believe I made this. I would love to have it but it disappeared  when my mom passed.

I found a description of the afghans in my photo albums on google. Size is approx 50″ x 63″. The pattern is Beguiling Tradition and was in the book “Afghans-Traditional and Modern” by Bonita Bray, c1977. I used 4 ply worsted weight yarn in ecru for the background. The pattern called for an H hook. I used a J.


This is the first afghan I designed myself. It was a wedding gift made for a special friend who is now gone.


This one was made for my brother-in-law. He chose the design and colors.  The pattern is called Blue on Blue and was from the magazine Afghans Winter 1983. The magazine says the size is 42″ xc 65″.


This one was made for one of my husband’s friend and co-worker in 1996. Finished size is about 46″ x 75″. I used about 30 ozs worsted weight yarn and an I hook.
I am not positive but I think the pattern is Coral Waves in the book Afghan Favorites by The Needlecraft Shop, c1994.


This is an alphabet afghan I still have, which was made for my daughter in April 1989 according to my records. The squares are Tunisian and the letters are cross-stitched on. I think I just graphed it out and did it myself but I’m not positively sure on that. The cross-stitch hardly shows on the back side. I was quite proud of the effort. 🙂


This was a wedding afghan worked in the colors of the wordless book. If you’d like more information on the wordless idea of sharing the gospel message, you can find it on the preemie page with the wordless preemie afghans.

The pattern used was Restful Rainbows, designed by Jan Hatfield. It is a very simple pattern, but makes a beautiful afghan. You can find the pattern on p. 112 in the book Mile a Minute Afghans published by Leisure Arts and Oxmoor House, copyright 1996.


This is another alphabet afghan made in 1987. On this one I crocheted blocks and then sewed the letters on. The letters are made with crocheted chains as I recall. It went to a niece.


This is getting pretty long. I have a lot of years to reminisce about! LOL Maybe I’ll share more in a separate post.

Happy crocheting!




A while back I started a shawl with some leftover yarn. Of course, I ran out of it and had to put it aside until I could buy more yarn (and have more leftover LOL). I finished it today.

shawl two tone blue 3-13-2018 red

Finished size is about 20″ x 64″ worked with an I hook.

The yarn is Red Heart with Love True Blue (the darker blue) and I Love This Yarn Sea Blue. It is straight double crochets across, worked in back loop only throughout. I started and finished with a single crochet row and worked a single crochet border around. My thought was that the colors and design are suitable for a man or a woman.

I used about 2 skeins of each color. I ordered the Red Heart through Amazon in a 3 skein pack so I now have two skeins of it left. The ILTY I picked up in person on my trip there a couple weeks ago.

Next up is a baby afghan. I pulled some patterns from my massive stash of pattern books and leaflets and have many projects in mind for the future. 🙂 You know how that goes.

Happy Crocheting!




My sister requested a prayer blanket. She likes fall colors. When I went to Hobby Lobby recently I ran across I Love This Yarn Autumn Stripes. Perfect.

I decided to use my pattern Jeff’s Sampler Afghan. It’s available free at Ravelry. I did change one thing. Instead of the single crochet rows, I used rows of (dc in front loop only, dc in back loop only).  Since I was using one color, the sc long stitches would not have shown as much. You can’t really see stitch definition in the photo anyhow though. I wanted something that would have a bit of texture to it but not popcorns or puff stitches.

joyceghan 3-10-2018 red

Finished size is about 44″ x 53″.

The yarn was fine except for a few knots I had to cut out. I prefer to cut it out even if only one strand is knotted. Considering I used at least 8 skeins here I don’t think I had that many pieces to cut.

The border is a simple single crochet all around.

A little note about my patterns. It is not helpful to me if you say a particular pattern is “a mess”. If there is something wrong, or unclear about a pattern, I really would like to fix it and make it better. Just saying it’s a mess does not tell me what needs to be fixed. When I asked for clarification the person did not reply so I removed the pattern until I have time to look at it with fresh eyes. So for reference, if you have a problem with one of my patterns, I certainly want to know, but please be as specific as you can about what’s wrong. Thanks!

Happy crocheting!