Filet Cross Shawl

This morning I finished the Filet Cross Shawl. I’m very pleased with the way it came out. The yarn is Red Heart With Love True Blue and it is quite soft and such a pretty color. To me the color in person is more like a dark country blue. Skeins are 7 oz. (198g), 370 yds (338m).

filet cross shawl 1-16-2018 red (2)

Finished size is about 15 3/4″ x 69 1/2″. The foundation chain is 197 with an I hook. I added a double crochet rather than single crochet border to give it a little more coverage around the recipient’s back. You could also add a more decorative border too.

If you want it wider (top to bottom) I suggest working two additional patterns so both first and last patterns will end with 8 crosses. Remember to get more yarn. I suggest 4 skeins of this yarn for 5 cross patterns. I used two full skeins (14 ozs) for this one.

Each cross is 7 rows but there are 2 dc rows top and bottom of the cross. In other words, 2 dc rows between cross patterns.

The pattern is at Crochet Cabana on the shawl page. The pattern says Vanna’s Choice yarn but you can use any worsted weight yarn you like. As I said, I used RH With Love for this one. Supposedly one would have fewer tails to weave in with a larger skein but of course, there are always bits to cut out. I cut out two or three pieces for this shawl. I find Vanna’s is slightly thicker than the RHWL.

filet cross 1-16-2018 (1) red

Regarding the pattern, I include notes below the rows which are helpful to clarify things as the counts are a little confusing but important to get the crosses lined up correctly. Below the detailed pattern is a quick reference for experienced crocheters. Once you’ve worked it once you’ll see how it goes.

I hope you enjoy working this pattern. The crosses don’t take a lot from the warmth so would be a good shawl for perhaps a nursing home resident. It would also work well as  a prayer shawl for someone in need of comfort.

Happy crocheting!




I bought some yarn the other day and decided to make a preemie afghan. The work went well and the yarn, Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek, is lovely to work with, soft and not too many bad spots. The color is Denim Blues.

Then I took a picture to post here. What? There was significant pooling on one side of the little ghan. (I have info on flashing and pooling in an earlier blog post.) I should have noticed it sooner but unfortunately, I did not. If I’d not sewn the tails in already I would have ripped it and start over, but it was done. I contacted the charity coordinator and she said to send it in anyway. It was still warm – true.

So here is a picture. How I didn’t see it as I was working, I don’t know.  The picture does look worse than the actual ghan but the pooling is definitely there.

ripple red 1-7-2018

I don’t seem to be having a very good crochet week! Here’s hoping the shawl I’m working on now will come out okay.

Happy crocheting!


Super bulky scarf

I was at Walmart alone the other day (I rarely shop alone) and where should I find myself but the yarn aisle. I was handling the yarn – you know, squeezing it and giving it love. Then to my surprise, this dark red yarn dropped into my basket. A Walmart gal stopped and asked me what I was going to make with it. I was thinking shawl and we discussed what colors would look good in a shawl. It was the Hometown Tampa Spice which had jumped in the basket and we agreed that would look great in a shawl. So I looked at dye lots thinking I would need at least 20 ounces. Lion Brand Hometown USA comes in 5 oz skeins. They had 4 in one dye lot and I grabbed a fifth one just to be sure.

You know when I got home, I grabbed my Doctor Who sonic L hook and started to work on a particular pattern I had for “chunky” yarn. Yeah, chunky (#5) not super bulky (#6). That was my first mistake. The recommended hook is an N. The super bulky has only 81 yards a skein. That was my second mistake. I realized pretty soon I would not have enough yarn for a shawl, at least not in the pattern I’d chosen. And it would be way too heavy and thick for Louisiana. So scrap that.

It was very long but sooo soft and cushy and warm. I immediately thought of my friend Sandy’s effort Bridge and Beyond which helps the homeless. Someone could be really warm with this one. I double checked with Sandy and she agreed this would work for her project.

super bulky scarf 1-14-2018 red

The finished size is 6 1/2″ x 80″. The chain was 177 and I worked 9 rows.

I haven’t used my Logan mannequin in a while so I gave him a shot with this lovely scarf. (Can I just say I love that WordPress has an edit image feature. I had to rotate this pic to give Logan his best view!)

super bulky scarf on mannequin 1-14-2018 red

Next time I use the Hometown I will definitely go up a hook size or two as this was hard on my shoulder. Yeah, my shoulder not my hands. LOL I am so weird. But it’s my own fault for thinking this was a #5 rather than a #6 weight yarn. Read the labels! I did read them, but long after I started working when I thought this is really thick chunky yarn. LOL I’m going to say this unusually cold weather we’re having is affecting my brain.

I did have to cut out a few pieces on this yarn – maybe three sections but one or two cuts a skein is not too bad. I know better and should have checked the yarn by winding it first. That would probably have at least warned me of the bad sections but really it wasn’t a big problem.

This is just straight double crochet which is my go-to pattern.

I have been looking at some patterns online, particularly for shawls, and have been surprised at how many use hdc. I am not a big fan of the short, chunky stitch so I left those alone but still found a number of great patterns at Red Heart and Lion Brand particularly.

Well, back to crocheting!

Stay warm!


Shell Shawl

The color pattern in this shawl reminded me of the colors that were used when I first started crocheting in the 80s. What do you think?

shell shawl 1-11-2018 red(1)

shell shawl 1-11-2018 (2) red

I used my own pattern, which is simply (shell, ch 1) across.  I’m sure there are many like it out there. It’s fairly basic. Some don’t use the ch-1. You can find my version in two places on Crochet Cabana. I have it on the scarf page as Shell Scarf or Shawl, and on the Shawl page as Shell Shawl and Scarf. The pattern gives options for your foundation chain so you can make a scarf or shawl vertically or horizontally and in different sizes. You can adjust it even further using the multiple.

The yarn I used for this shawl is I Love This Yarn in Sungold, Desert Glaze and Cranberry. I worked 2 rows of each color.

I used a foundation chain of 196 and worked 32 rows with an H hook. I would have liked to do another 6 rows but ran out of the cranberry which was not a full skein. Finished size is still a respectable 15″ x 77″.

If you want to make this shawl in one color, I suggest using at least 21 ounces of worsted weight yarn. More is even better. For a scarf, you can get buy with 7 ounces if you make it narrow – about 6″.

If you use only two colors and you add a border, you can save sewing in tails by carrying the yarn up the sides. I didn’t edge this one.

I also wanted to share a few links.

If you’ve ever miscounted your foundation chain you might like to save this page from Underground Crafter.

If you like finding new and interesting patterns, you might like to check out Kim Guzman’s page on FB Only Free Crochet Patterns. She shares links to patterns she has found and some of her own as well.

That’s all for now.

Happy Crocheting!


Sugarwheel scarf

This one was made with an I hook and a foundation chain of 22. It is straight double crochet just like the others.

1-3-2018 scarf red

I used Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Minted Macaroon yarn. Skeins are 7 oz, 355 yards, 100% acrylic.  The yarn cake had an additional color of what looks to me like country blue. I didn’t think it went with the other colors so I cut it out.  Even so, the finished size was 6 1/4″ x 60″.

That’s it for now and I think that’s it for scarves for a few days anyway. I’ll probably work on something for babies next as I have a lot of pink and other baby yarn colors.

Happy crocheting!