Hogwart scarves

As I mentioned in another post, I’m doing the You’re a Wizard scarf CAL on Facebook. The yarn is Lion Brand’s Color Made Easy. This is a delicious yarn, very soft and the colors are vibrant. Skeins are 100% acrylic, 7 oz (200g), 247yd (226m).

I purchased the kits available at Lion Brand for the Ravenclaw (blue) and Slytherin (green) colors. This is how far I’ve gotten. The pattern is here. It’s available in knit or crochet. The crocheted version is supposed to have a knit look. It’s a great stitch, very easy to do, but I often wonder why crocheters are always trying to simulate knit. I don’t see knitters trying to get their work to look like crochet.

HP scarves wip

That said, the Kingfisher they chose for Ravenclaw is not, in my opinion, the right color. It’s a gorgeous blue, but not the right blue.

kingfisher color made easy lb

Huckleberry looks, to me, to be a better choice. It is still a little light but better. I have ordered some and will see if my eyes chose right.

huckleberry color made easy lb


There are limited colors in the Color Made Easy yarn. The green is not right either but it’s the only green in that yarn. I haven’t seen the Arthurian (red) in person yet but looking at pics online I am thinking the pomegranate might be a closer choice. I doubt I’ll make that many scarves though. LOL

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining because I’m very happy with the pattern and the yarn. So if you just want to make a scarf and don’t care if it’s Harry Potter screen accurate, this is a really nice yarn and a great pattern. I haven’t had any trouble at all with knots or messed up sections and the pattern is easy to follow. The yarn is soft and slides well through my hook. The plies are not really tightly woven but it hasn’t been a problem for me.

I’m using an L hook. The pattern and yarn label suggest a K. I still find the scarf a little stiff but it’s early on. It might loosen up as it gets longer.

I really, really love these colors. If I were using them for anything else I would be extremely happy with them. This blue is one of my favorite shades of blue. I would have bought this yarn without hesitation. I’d probably use an M or N hook with it to get a bit more drape but I’ve gone too far now to think about that. LOL

That’s all for now. I will, of course, show the finished scarves whenever they’re done.

Happy Crocheting!



Websites I love

I talked about some interesting places in my last post. Today, I’m going to share more sites I go to for information, entertainment, patterns, charities and education. Some are charity sites but not all.

Top of my list is Bev’s Country Cottage. Besides having a website full of interesting things, Bev is a wonderful person. She is all about helping others and to that end runs a yahoogroup and a Facebook group of like-minded people who want to provide comfort and warmth to those in need. The yahoogroup is for those who want accountability in their work. It encourages one to strive to not only to provide quantity but to provide quality work to the effort of your choice.

The Bridge and Beyond has been around a long time and has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of homeless with needed supplies. Just like Bev, Sandy is a charity-minded soul. We worked together many years ago after Katrina and she now continues to work toward providing the necessities to those who have no permanent place to live. Sandy posts pictures of every donation and clearly appreciates the help in this massive undertaking to warm the homeless in Ohio.

You may have heard of Debbie Macomber, a beloved writer of romantic fiction. Well, she’s not only a fiction writer but has a book out of recipes, a new magazine, a charity effort and so much more. I daresay that I’ve read most, if not all, of her books. She is a knitter but I forgive her that. LOL Just kidding. I love all crafters, crocheter, knitters, sewers, quilters…

Many years ago I met a gal named Kim Jiries. At one time (2011) she had a blog where she posted about a new scarf just about every day. It has long been my hope to follow her example and post a different scarf every day for a year. I have a few of Kim’s patterns on Crochet Cabana, posted with her permission.

Knit Your Bit is an effort started by the New Orleans National WWII Museum to acknowledge the sacrifices our veterans have made by their service to our country. I fully support this idea and have donated scarves in almost every crochet pattern available, even creating a pattern to be used for the scarves. There are many patterns to choose from but you can also use your own pattern.

According to the website:
Since its launch in 2006, Knit Your Bit’s reach has been vast—more than 10,000 knitters and crocheters in all 50 states have participated. Through their efforts, the Museum has distributed 50,000 scarves to approximately 1,000 veterans’ centers, hospitals, and service organizations across the country.

That is a lot of scarves and it continues to this day. The original coordinator has retired but the effort is still going strong.

God’s Tiny Angels is run by another sweet lady that I met through charity crafting. Danette donated many preemie blankets when I was coordinating Preemie Afghans for Charity. It seems so long ago! She now helps the hospitals in her own area and was even featured in a television spot highlighting her charity efforts.

Pauline Turner is a well known name in the crochet world. If you want to become a crocheter extraordinaire, this would be the course to take. I have not taken it myself but have thought of doing so many times. Besides the cost (since it originates in the UK) I am not sure my skills are up to it. LOL

If you are a Lion Brand shopper, you may have seen patterns by Mama in a Stitch. I have many of her patterns saved in hopes of one day getting to them. I also saved off these suggestions on blanket sizes. This is a question I see posed often in crochet groups.

The place I go to most often for education – to learn new stitches, how to make a particular project and such – is YouTube. I subscribe to many but really I rarely go to my subscriptions. I more often will get an email or see something on Facebook or a website that catches my eye and I hop over to watch the video demonstration. I am a visual learner so seeing it being done is very helpful to me. Sometimes words confuse me. LOL That said, I find myself going to the same channels quite often.

Here are a few videos I’ve looked at in the past months or have found helpful. Generally, if I am visiting a channel, you can almost guarantee I’ve watched more than one video in that channel.
Spiral Granny by HappyBerry
Temperature Afghan (Mikey)
Split sc or shallow sc by Mikey
How to use Loop Yarn by TL Yarn Crafts
Berry Stitch by Daisy Farm Crafts
Faux broomstick lace by Naztazia
Redo of the Foundation Chain by A Stitch Less Ordinary
Double Magic Ring by Oombawka Design (I use this almost exclusively for working in the round)
Corner to Corner Granny by Repeat Crafter Me
No turning chain dc
Split sc by Mama in a Stitch
Knit stitch (using 3rd loop of hdc) by Bella Coco
HDC in third loop by Yarnspirations
Standing dc by Moogly
Balloon Stitch by Katerina Crochet
Which Way Filet Blanket by FiberSpider

That’s all for now.

Happy Crocheting!









This ‘n That

Most of my blog posts are just sharing the things I’ve worked on. Today, I wanted to do something different. I’ll be sharing some blogs / websites I’ve found that look interesting as well as some patterns that caught my eye recently. Obviously there are hundreds of wonderful blogs out there. These are just a few of the ones that came to mind. I’m sure I’ll think of others as soon as I hit publish. LOL Note that these are not charity sites but rather just sites that offer interesting patterns and tutorials, some free and some for sale.

Note that some of these might be sites other that use non-U.S. terminology. Be sure where the site originates if you decide to work a project.

First up is this Nascha Crochet Scarf which I saw on an episode of Knit and Crochet Now I watched today and went searching for the print version. I have so many patterns that I could never make in a hundred lifetimes. Yet, I still save them off in hopes this will be the one I get to work.

Attic 24 always has something interesting. I ran across a Sweet Pea CAL for a very pretty Trellis Stripe afghan.

Daisy Farm Crafts has such pretty things! The Boho Berry afghan I made recently came from this site. The gingham afghan is another one on my list of afghans I hope to make one day.

boho berry baby afghan 2-2-2019

Little Monkey’s Crochet has a lot of cute patterns including a Call the Midwife baby afghan. I made two of these last year and plan to make another one soon. Here’s the blog post for the one I made in blush and here’s the one I made in Lion Brand Mandala Sparkle yarn in color Draco.

TL Yarn Crafts is the brainchild of Toni and you can’t deny that she is very enthusiastic about her craft! You have only to listen to her podcasts and videos to see she is honest in her appraisals, interesting to listen to, and pulls you into the topics that clearly interest her. It is because of Toni’s video that I started two temperature afghans! She and Lee Sartori highly recommend the Furls Crochet hooks and can be blamed for my purchase of two hooks in addition to the one I won.

Naztazia newsletters always contain something that interests me.  Her videos are well done and very detailed. I don’t think you’ll regret a visit.

I ran across Repeat Crafter Me and stopped at the crocheted crutch covers. Boy could I have used those a few years ago. I tried to use a crutch when I hurt my knee hiking but it hurt my underarms too much. What a great help this must be to cushion that area.

I talked a little the other day about Coco Crochet Lee Sartori and the Harry Potter scarf. Lee’s blog shows a lot of different things. If you can ever catch her on video you will be amazed at how seamlessly she can crochet, talk and keep track of comments. Check out her Ravelry shop and Facebook pages. She works with Annie’s and Lion Brand. She does WIP Wednesday and Stitch Together social on Facebook. I don’t know where she finds the time but she’s always smiling and happy.

Crochet is not just for gals! There is nothing you can’t find at Michael “Mikey”  Sellick’s Crochet Crowd. If you’re looking for a particular type of stitch or pattern, search there. I’m betting there is something for you. Another guy who contributes greatly to the crochet world is the Crochet Dude.  Drew Emborsky has branched out into several other areas besides crochet as well.

If you are into amigurumi, The Friendly Red Fox is a friendly site to go to. I don’t actually do amigurumi myself but my daughter does and I’ve visited the site on more than one occasion.

I don’t remember how I found the Unraveled Mitten but if you’re looking for new stitches to try, she is currently featuring a Stashbusing CAL. The diagonal trip stitch particularly caught my eye.

The Underground Crafter has been around a long time. Marie’s blog features many different crafts. I thought this two color slouch hat was very interesting.

Can you know too many stitches? I think not. More available at Rescued Paw Designs.

That’s all I have time for right now but as I think of more interesting sites, I’ll be sure to note them.

Happy Crocheting!



Trying to decide on my next project, I was looking through my yarn and pulled out this Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend which I’ve had for some time. I actually had fallen out of love with this yarn and couldn’t remember why I’d picked it up, but today it called to me. I decided I would use the two skeins I have to make wash/dish cloths.

cloud nine comfy cotton blend yarn LB

The color is called Cloud Nine. Skeins are 7 oz /200g, 392yd/358m. 50/50 cotton/polyester. The recommend hook for #3 weight yarn is a J. This surprised me. A J for a #3 weight? I decided to go with an I hook.

The yarn was pretty nice to work with. I had only one knot in the entire skein. It flowed through my hook well and I got five full cloths and about half of another out of one skein.

The bad part is the yarn is so busy with color that I couldn’t get a good photo of stitch definition. I pulled patterns out of my head and just did simple things like working in back loop, using a front post stitch and things like that. I even did one alternating dc, sc, esc (extended single crochet) rows just to keep it interesting.

Here are some tries at photographing. I tried without the flash (center photo) and using the sharpen tool to try and get the stitches to stand out. (If you want to see them larger just click on the individual picture.)

Each cloth is between 8-10″ square-ish. I edged with either a single or double crochet.

While they didn’t photograph all pretty, I think they will do just fine as washcloths or dishcloths, whatever the recipient chooses.

I’m still waiting for my Lion Brand Potter kit to come in. I’m expecting it tomorrow.

Happy Crocheting!



Gryffindor scarf

In case you didn’t know there are so many Harry Potter scarf patterns out there! There are two versions. The first year scarves have wide stripes. The later scarves have thin stripes.

Lee Sartori has a CAL (crochet along) going on right now featuring a You’re a Wizard scarf. The color choices for the scarves match up with the Hogwarts houses. The yarn for the CAL is Lion Brand’s Color Made Easy and there’s a kit you can get if you want to participate or even if you just want to make a scarf for your Potter fan.  There’s a Facebook group for the CAL also.

As you all know the house colors are red and gold for Gryffindor, blue and silver (or bronze) for Ravenclaw, green and silver for Slytherin, and yellow and black for Hufflepuff.

Anyway, I’m participating in the CAL but waiting for my kit to come in. In the meantime, I happened to go to Hobby Lobby and I picked up yarn in the proper colors to play with. I decided to make Gryffindor scarves for my grandsons. You know how one thing leads to another and so on… The grands are just 5 and 3 so a full size scarf would be too much for them.

I made many swatches and tried many stitches trying to decide what I liked for this scarf.  As I said, there are soooo many patterns on Pinterest and Ravelry and I looked at many of them. I tried Tunisian and I liked the look but was worried about all those tails being properly woven in.  Crochet with Dee’s pattern is fabulous and uses an esc (extended single crochet) combined with a sc row. Lee’s pattern above is also fabulous and worked in the round with esc and split esc. I expect to be working that for the CAL so wanted something different for these.

I finally decided to use the extended single crochet alone. I wasn’t completely sure where to put the hook on the second row using esc. I found a video that showed it as a sc, going into the first stitch and I was pretty sure that was what I would do until I tried it. I just couldn’t love it. I finally decided to ch 2 and use that as a stitch (which is how Dee used it).

I wanted them fairly thin to fit their small necks. I chained 16 and went into the 2nd chain to give me 15 extended single crochets across. I did not count the first chain as a stitch. I chained 2 and turned and worked esc across, counting the ch-2 as a stitch. I worked 7 rows (for the 7 horcruxes – I stole that idea from Dee Stanziano’s scarf) in I Love This Yarn cranberry, then 7 rows in ILTY sungold using a J hook. I worked 10 stripes of cranberry and 9 of sungold.

It is important to count your stitches now and then to be sure you are keeping 15 stitches across.

Without fringe, I was able to get 2 and almost a third scarf out of one skein of each color. If adding fringe, you’d get 2 scarves out of one skein of each.

Fringe I decided on a thin fringe, using two strands and making each a single color, alternating the cranberry and sungold.

Here are the two crocheted scarves.

They are about 5″ x 60″. I did not put a border on them to keep the same look of the movie scarves. The picture shows the sungold a bit more yellow than it is in real life.

gryffindor harry potter hogwarts scarves

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Hopefully the boys will like them.

Happy crocheting!