New hooks

Someone posted on Facebook a picture of these pretty flowered crochet hooks from Hobby Lobby and of course I had to seek them out. They are by Yarnology. I got a K, L and M.

yarnology flower k l m 6-2019

Remember the Kristin Omdahl Be So Baby DK weight milk yarn? I finished a wee blankie 11″ square with the peach. I used my daughter’s cross-stitch square pattern and a G hook. It’s such a soft yarn. I used most of the 1.75 oz / 50g, 142 yd (130m) skein. When I looked at the wrapper I noticed that the color and a date seemed to be handwritten. Color: Peach. Birthdate: 11-1-18 . I guess that’s when this particular skein was put up.

As a reminder … the website says  “Milk yarn is a bio-synthetic yarn made by dehydrating and skimming milk, then extracting the proteins.  The proteins can then be liquidized and spun.” All rather neat I thought. The yarn certainly is scrumptious. Reminiscent to me of a high quality cotton.

PR peach milk yarn x st 6-9-2019

This little bunny is from a Mary Maxim kit pattern. Just fyi, reviews say the kit doesn’t include enough yarn. Since I didn’t intend to make it as an afghan I didn’t worry about that.

The yarn is Mary Maxim Baby’s Best in shade 44402 Pink, dye lot 3150. The yarn is a #2 yarn made of 70% acrylic, 30% nylon. Each skein is 1 1/4 oz / 50g, 171 yds / 157m. I used a G hook.

PR pink bunny 6-2019

Finished size of the bunny is about 13″ x 15″. I added a couple rows so I think it would be more square worked to pattern.

I think I like this bunny better than the previous one I did a couple months ago.

project robby blanket 2 bunny

Happy Crocheting!


Patons Iced and more

This is a thick super bulky (#6) blankie made with Patons Iced in color Fog. It’s a 3.5 oz / 100g, 98 yds / 90m yarn that is 67% acrylic, 30% wool and 3% polyester. It’s made in Turkey and put out by Yarnspirations. I used most of a skein.

PR Iced 30 wool 5-2019

I used an M hook and worked straight single crochet. I find with a thick yarn, especially with a print, a simple stitch works well. This yarn has a silver thread running through which gives it a sparkle. As Smiley’s says in its description of the yarn “Iced has a complex thick and thin texture with a beautiful hint of glistening silver.” It did indeed have thick and thin sections running throughout. I had no problem with that, but it also twisted as I worked which some yarns do when worked in crochet. I actually cut the yarn twice to untwirl it. That was the only trouble I had with it though. There were no knots or any bad sections in the skein.

I worked 27 chains and got an 11″ piece. I think I could have even used a larger hook as it was still a little stiff.

A few posts ago I mentioned that I had purchased some milk yarn from Kristin Omdahl’s line called Be So Baby. Well, it arrived! It is sooo soft. Reminiscent in feel to cotton yarn to me.


I have started a little blankie with this yarn but haven’t finished it yet as I got sidetracked with some other things.

One of the things I got sidetracked with was this chunky scarf. I used my Front Cross Stitch Scarf, starting and ending with a dc row. I worked 125 rows with a J hook. I worked a single crochet border all around, using an I hook for the sides.

I used Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek Chunky in the color Teal. Skeins are 5 oz/142g, 211 yds/193m. I used almost 2 skeins of Lot #619789.

Finished size is about 7″ x 78″, a bit longer than usual but I was watching TV and just kept going heh. Since this is going to the Bridge and the suggested size is at least 72″, I think it qualifies. 🙂

scarf 6-9-2019

That’s all for today.

Happy Crocheting!




Memory afghan

My dear sister, Joyce Stevens Miller, passed away just a few short weeks ago at the age of 78. She would have been 79 in July. I miss her dearly. I thought it might be nice to make an afghan for my brother-in-law, her husband of 55 years.

As you may remember, I enjoy making filet afghans and particularly afghans that have meaning. With that in mind, I designed what I call a name afghan in her honor. It’s small, about 37″ x 47″, intending to be more of a lapghan than a full-size afghan.

I finished this some time ago but the post office decided it needed to take a journey to arrive at its destination. It went from New Orleans to Baton Rouge (okay so far) then decided to veer off to Phoenix, Arizona then to Norfolk, Virginia and back to Baton Rouge. Finally it reached its destination so I felt safe to post. 🙂 Gotta love the postal system. This is the second time an afghan has gone walkabout on its way there. LOL

Project details:
Yarn: Premier Everyday anti-pilling 100% acrylic worsted yarn in color Mouse Gray. 203yds / 186m, 4 oz / 113g per skein. Lot number is 11289. I used about 8 skeins.
Pattern: filet crochet, foundation chain 123. H hook. Single crochet border.

I couldn’t get the words to show clearly in one picture so took a closeup of the top section. Note that it’s not a misspelling of “Miss” or “Mrs”. This is how she liked to be known to her students and how she requested I put it in another afghan I made her years ago.

Joyce memory 5-2019 (1)Joyce memory 5-2019 (2)

Most important to her in life was her faith and her family. She had two full-time careers. She enjoyed a long career as a teacher in several private schools. She then decided to go back to school and became an LPN. She was able to practice for a number of years before her health forced her to retire.

My sister liked fall colors and I thought about doing this one in a variegated yarn made with those colors, as I’d done with the ones I made her previously but decided the words wouldn’t show up as well in a variegated. For a man I thought the grey would be better.

This is the first one I make like this in one piece. The previous ones were made in strips which I joined together. A friend asked why I made it in strips and I had no answer. I suppose the reason is just because I never thought of doing it another way.

Having tried it, I’m not sure which way I like better. Both have their pros and cons. I only had to make one foundation chain and that is a big plus. However, I did have to rip back a few times as I got confused as to which way I was going. When I work with strips it is 2 dc rows before and after the letters. For this one I needed an odd number of rows between to make it come out right. Another thing is that the strips are small and easy to work with. The lapghan wasn’t tremendously large either but I had to put it aside when our a/c went out for a few days. Too hot to have on my lap.

I got a little sad as I worked on it knowing she would never see it but I know we’ll meet again and she is happy to be reunited with the baby she lost and our parents and many other relatives who have gone before. Best of all, she’s no longer suffering.

All in all, I hope this afghan is a remembrance of a life well lived and a love that was strong.

Love you, sis, and miss you!




Blankies and more

I recently talked about milk yarn. I bit the bullet and actually bought some. I’ll let you know when I get it how I like it. I bought the Kristin Omdahl Be So Baby Yarn. I had a hard time deciding which colors to try. I settled on Mint, Buttercup, and Peach. Mint and Buttercup because those are colors I can easily use for the Project Robby blankies. Peach can also be used but I just like the color peach. 🙂

Here are more blankies.

For these blankies I used Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek low pill fiber, 4 oz / 208 yds in color pink/blue/multi. They are both 11″. The pattern is the Cross Stitch Square by Kate Smith. This is one of my favorite patterns and I’ve made hundreds of them, possibly thousands.

PR Baby Bee pink blue multi 5-2019

I made two more blankies using the Boho Berry Stitch pattern. The colored yarn is from Vanna’s Palettes. I find the palettes a little rougher than the full skeins of Vanna’s Choice but I can get several rows out of one mini skein. I used an I hook and chain of 30. I made two of these.

Moda Dea Sassy Stripes is a 1.76 oz / 50g, 147 yd/135m 100% acrylic yarn made in Turkey.  Color used is Crayon. It took a whole skein and most of a second for this little blankie. I used the pattern Alternating Shells by Susan B. The multiple is 3 + 4. I worked 64 chains with a G hook. The finished blankie is about 16″. I finished it off with a border of one round sc then one round of (sc, ch 2, 2 dc, sk 2).

PR Sassy Stripes Shell V st 5-2019

The next one was made with Premier Angel 3.5 oz / 100g, 284 yds / 260m 100% acrylic yarn which was leftover from a kit by Annie’s. When I made the baby afghan I misread the instructions and missed one repeat so my afghan was a little smaller but still quite nice and I had this leftover to bless someone else. 🙂 The color is Bird Bath.

The pattern is the Straight Box Stitch Wordless preemie afghan but you can use any pattern with the straight box stitch. It has many names. It is the same stitch as the corner to corner but worked in straight rows. This blankie is about 12″.

PR Angel straight box st 5-2019

I don’t remember which hook I used for the box stitch blankie as I finished it a few days ago. Our A/C is out and we’ve been keeping the lights off and windows shuttered to keep it cooler so I waited to sew in the tails. (We’re using a window unit in the living room while waiting for repair which I hope will be today.) I most likely used a G or H.

I’m still working on the filet afghan for my BIL. I’ve got one more section to do then the border. While it will be nice not to have to sew strips together, I’ve had to rip back a few rows a couple of times. It’s been strange to work on this one. I’ve made so many afghans for her and this one is in memory of her. It’s a reminder she is gone so maybe that is part of why my attention is split.

That’s all for today.

Happy Crocheting!



Milk yarn

Where have I been that I didn’t know (or forgot about) this thing called milk yarn? It appeared in my email… can’t remember by whom. The yarn in question is Kristin Omdahl’s Be So Baby #3 milk yarn. That led me to an article at Interweave on milk yarn. That led me to another article on milk and other types of yarn at Knit be Nimble.  That article says this:

Yarn fibers can typically be categorized as either animal, plant or synthetic (man made).  Synthetic yarns can be further broken down into petroleum based (e.g. nylon, acrylics) or bio-synthetics.   Milk yarn falls into the latter category along with soy, and bamboo.

Bio-synthetics. Hmmmm

Note that article at Knit Be Nimble is OLD – 2010 – so though it’s new-to-me milk yarn is really not new. It’s been around since 1930 according to the Interweave article in 2017. I gasped when I read it takes 12 gallons to make one pound of fiber. Milk yarn can be made from milk that we can’t drink anyway so it’s not like it’s using the milk that “does a body good”. 🙂 The Interweave article suggests that the yarn is best used for a scarf or shawl as it has no memory, meaning it won’t “bounce back” so to speak. If it stretches, it will stay stretched etc.

In any case, now I have a hankering to try this milk yarn. The colors of the Kristin Omdahl yarn are so pretty!

Well, until I get some milk yarn I’m making do with the huge stash I have here.

These two blankies were made with Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek in color Berry Mix. Skeins are 4 oz / 114g, 186 yds / 170m. That said, the other Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek color I had made two 10″ blankies. This one failed me on the last round of the second blankie, so one is 10″ and one is 9″. That’s okay but I was sad. So either the other one had more than 186 yards, this one had less, or my tension accounts for the difference.

The pattern is the Cross Stitch Square by Kate Smith.

PR cross st berry mix (2)

These two were made with Baby Bee Sweet Delight Chunky Baby 3.5 oz/ 109 yds in color Charming. I used an L hook on one and an M hook on the other working single crochet rows. My thinking was to give it better drape with the larger hook. The yarn is very soft!

PR Baby Bee Chunky Charming 5-2019

That’s all for now.