Annie Blocks

Unusually I have several projects going on at the same time right now. I took some time to finish off a few of the Annie Block of the Month patterns that I have received. I’m a bit behind on those. The ones I grabbed happened to be Blocks 19-21.

Annie blocks 19-21

The yarn is Premier Everyday Anti-pilling yarn. Skeins are 203 yards (186m), 4 oz (113g), 100% acrylic worsted weight. The color is Cappucino. I used all of one skein and a bit of a second for these three squares.

This group uses the long double crochet cross-stitch in two of the patterns. They call one the “long cross stitch” and the other one the “crossed long double crochet” but they are basically the same, just placed differently. I found a triple crochet worked better for me in one of them. The trick with these is that you have to bring up a very long loop or your work will be pulled inward.

The other square uses the kernel stitch. I was not familiar with this stitch as used but it’s really just a single crochet decrease where you start it in the same stitch you just finished. In other words, to begin the row you work a single crochet, then you insert hook back in the same single crochet and begin your decrease. Then you continue along in like manner, each decrease beginning in the previous decrease. I really liked this stitch even though single crochet is a time consuming little thing. It does give a very tight-knit fabric and was rather fun to work. I’m thinking of using it on a scarf in the near future. Note to self to use a larger hook so the work is not so stiff. I used an I on this square.

I also just discovered that there is a spot on Annie’s customer service page where you can download the patterns that you have already purchased. How cool is that? I don’t remember that being made clear previously but sometimes I skim things and don’t get all the info clear. My bad. They even had the patterns for clubs I was in previously so I was really excited to have those in my computer handy. That said, there were a few I remember doing that weren’t there so maybe that is a fairly new addition to the site or it’s been too long since I did those.

In addition to these squares, I am still working on a lapghan and did a few small projects on the side. I currently have three Thirty-One pieces that stay by my chair all the time, each one holding parts of a project.

I’m working on the last strip for that lapghan and then will edge and join them. Shouldn’t be too long before you see that finished project.

Happy Crocheting!



Hats etc

I received more wool hats. These were from Myrna Fanguy. All the hats I had at this time were delivered on Monday. I will make another delivery either later this week or early next week if I get more hats. All hats are tagged with a thank you to the soldier and a card listing the name and state of the crocheter and washing instructions for the wool hats.

troop hats by myrna 2018

I recently have com across several patterns that use the “third loop of the hdc”. I thought folks might not have heard this before as it is fairly new concept – well, new to  me anyway. I found several YouTube videos demonstrating the technique. Moogly is one site that gives a pretty good explanation.

Another thing crocheters are always looking for is a way to use up those balls of yarn leftover after working a larger project. I saw this pattern by Sue Pinner which gives a different sort of look using up those balls. She calls it the Magic Ball Triangle Blanket Project. You make isosceles triangles with your balls.

Another pattern I ran across recently is Bev Qualheim’s Women’s Conference scarf. I make a lot of scarves and this is a very simple but warm scarf. You might remember me mentioning it recently when I used the pattern to create this scarf.

9-11-2018 ilty scarf

If you’re just starting your Christmas projects you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the short time left. I ran across this grouping of easy projects over the Crochet Crowd. There are lots of choices, all easy to make.

A popular item for charity crocheters is preemie hats. They are so small, using up very little yarn, and are quick and easy to make. Here is a group of patterns at Mamma That Makes you might like to try if you are starting out in this venture.

While you’re getting ready to  make all these great projects, you may need a place to put them. I have been using my Thirty-One pieces for this. I have a few that I’m particularly fond of which I mentioned on this blog post. I brought three of these along with me on my recent vacation and it worked out beautifully. I especially am loving my caddy from their Get Creative crafting line. I like that this one has two zipper compartments where I could put my hooks, needles, stitch markers and scissors and they wouldn’t fall out. Although I never travel with my favorite hooks, I still wouldn’t want to lose any of them.

get creative caddy full labeled 1

Don’t you love the design of this caddy? Both in functionality and in beauty. The feather design is one of my favorites. Their designs change every season so if you like it, hop over there and grab it while you can.

That’s all for now.

Happy Crocheting!


Lapghan and Hats

I spent the last few days relaxing in Florida, but no worries. I didn’t forget about my crocheting. I crocheted riding there and back and even in my hotel room. I finished the last of the hats for the Louisiana soldiers. I have 25 hats ready.


I also received 10 hats from Dianne Lane. Thanks so much, Dianne!

soldier hats by Dianne Lane 10-6-2018

In addition, I worked on two more strips for the lapghan, which I finished when I got home.

Here is the finished lapghan done in Bernat Pop with color Lipstick on Your Collar. Bernat Pop skeins are worsted weight, 100% acrylic, 5 oz (140g), 280 yds (256m). It’s called a self-striping yarn. This particular colorway includes dark grey, light grey, cream, light pink, and red.

lapghan bernat pop 10-8-2018 red

Finished size is about 43″ square.

With an I hook I chained 32 and worked dc across. I used a full skein on each strip. Each one came out with a different number of rows so I took the lowest number (76 rows) and finished off the strip at that point using whatever yarn remained to start the single crochet edging around each strip.

I assembled the four strips with a whipstitch then added an edging around the entire thing using [(sc, ch 2, sc) in same stitch, sk 1] all around.

I had to cut out a few knots but not that many. Maybe one a skein.

I did not stop at the color change as you can see. I’m still not really a fan of the look but others don’t seem bothered by the abrupt change as that is the nature of this yarn.

Another lapghan in the works and I still have a few Annie’s squares and the charity afghan kit to do. Besides those I have a few patterns I’d like to work … okay, there are many patterns I’d like to work. LOL

Happy Crocheting!


Bernat Pop Lapghan

I’m still making hats, but took a few minutes to go back to a wip I’d started a while back. I bought two different colorways of Bernat Pop to make lapghans.

This first one is Bernat Pop color called Lipstick on Your Collar. Interesting name.


As you can see, I have two strips made. I am really just playing around with the size of this as I have enough yarn to make a number of strips. These are 30 dc stitches wide (foundation chain of 32). I just crocheted until I ran out of yarn. The first one is 78 rows and the second is 77 but I did have to pull out a few yards of the white due to knots. I’ll decide when I’m further along if I want to stick with that length or do more rows.

I am using an I hook and not stopping at the color changes as you can see from the picture. I’m also not cutting out the specks that show up now and then as I have come to the conclusion those are part of the color scheme in this yarn. It’s taken me a while to get used to a splotch of color that doesn’t match but I’m warming up to the idea. I doubt it will ever be a favorite of mine but the yarn is otherwise lovely to work with so I’m loathe to give up on it for that little oddity.

I haven’t had much trouble with the yarn other than that one spot with several knots.

Bernat Pop skeins are worsted weight, 100% acrylic, 5 oz (140g), 280 yds (256m). It’s called a self-striping yarn. This particular colorway includes dark grey, light grey, cream, light pink, and red.

I also have just the beginnings of a baby blanket started from the Annie’s charity club kit. I have four squares from the other club kits that I’ve not gotten to. Since the wool hats have a deadline I’ve been working steadily on those. I’ve only got a few more skeins of wool left so I’ll be done with those in a few days I think.

That’s all for now.

Happy Crocheting!



Even more hats

I have finished eight green wool hats. These are made with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted in color Evergreen. KPWOTA skeins are 110 yds / 50 gr. 50 grams is 1.76 ounces. It took about a skein and a half for each hat. I used an H hook for these.

troop 8 hats 9-26-2018

The green felt thicker than the brown I used previously so I used an H hook. For the pattern, I worked in the round, crown to brim. I used 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 60, 72 stitches per round in double crochet, then worked even to 16 rounds. I then worked 4 rounds of single crochet.

Just to give you an idea of size, I put a 12″ ruler in these pics. It’s about 9″ crown to brim. The circumference is approximate since the hat is rounded, of course. But you can see it would be about 22″ or 23″ around. To get a more accurate circumference one could take a piece of string or thread and go around it or a flexible measuring tape. I did that for the first one to make sure I was getting the correct size.

Next up are more brown hats using a different but still dark shade of brown WOTA.

Then I’m done with wool hats.

Happy Crocheting!